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Sayles could pull a performance out of a dog.
by Elizabeth Pena

Sayles could pull a performance out of a dog.
I'm serious.
He was just amazing.
The world could fall apart and he remained on neutral.
- Elizabeth Pena

Every time I work with a European director,
I find they hire the person that captures the spirit of the role.
Americans tend to hire the best face.
The person that looks more like the role,
whether they can perform the role or not is a bonus.
- Elizabeth Pena

I believe the director is the one that sets the mood
and if you have this hysterical director it's a domino effect.
I would work for him forever, for nothing.
Don't tell my agent that.
- Elizabeth Pena

The work is getting the work.
- Elizabeth Pena


When I'm not working, my family and I have a house in the San Juan Islands.
We've been here since '94.
- Elizabeth Pena

I figured, if I failed, I'd tried something that I
hadn't tried before and if one movie was going to destroy
my career than I didn't have much of a career to start with.
I just went for it.
God willing I wasn't over the top and didn't embarrass myself.
- Elizabeth Pena

I love acting.
When I'm acting I feel like I'm on vacation.
I'm just having a wonderful time.
The nightmare is just getting the work to happen.
- Elizabeth Pena

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It's a clique and I think a clique exists in every business.
There's a circle of people that are guaranteed to open
a movie and we all know their names and whether they're
right or wrong for the role.
- Elizabeth Pena

When I got Jacob's Latter, I was nervous because I
felt I wasn't allowed to fail.
I felt that they were waiting for one little failure
and that would prove them right and I'd be,"out of there."
- Elizabeth Pena

It was a lot of pressure, but I loved working with
Tim and I loved working with Adrian.
- Elizabeth Pena

I'd already made the decision before I'd even read
it-just because it was John Sayles.
Then when I read it, the themes were actually themes
that have been a big part of my life.
- Mary Steenburgen

I probably wouldn't have done as many as I did in one year,
which I did when I was trying to raise money.
- John Sayles

I figured somebody wrote a story who had a typewriter
and I thought that movies were made by the cowboys and that they just said,
'Okay, you fall off the horse this time.'
- John Sayles

When I was really young I didn't know that there was
such a thing as a screenwriter.
I wrote stories.
- John Sayles

I take the fact that films cost a lot of money very seriously,
but once in a while to have somebody say,
This is a big scene, take your time with it,
is important.
That's John Sayles.
- Mary Steenburgen

Well, acting is cheap; I knew all these actors who
weren't in the Screen Actors Guild yet,
and it happened that they were all just about thirty years old.
- John Sayles

I always feel that there are no final victories and no final defeats.
But it's true that America is in a hole right now.
There are a lot of dead fish in the water.
- John Sayles

If you write a movie for Roger Corman,
it's going to get made.
You saw it almost the next day.
- John Sayles

Those are fun, especially if they're going to shoot them in four weeks,
because you know they're not going to mess with anything you do,
so it can be very imaginative.
- John Sayles

My argument has always been that this is not an anti-Bush film,
it's a pro-democracy film.
And if Bush comes out on the wrong side of democracy,
that's his problem.
- John Sayles

I've always felt like I was on the margins.
Once upon a time that's what independent used to mean.
- John Sayles

For me the writing, when I'm going to direct it myself,
is really just the first draft, and I don't change it very much;
I only change it on average about two lines per movie.
- John Sayles

The media in America has become so cowed and compromised.
- John Sayles

Michael Moore, whether you like him or hate him,
has done something very important.
- John Sayles

I like to act.
I work for scale.
I don't have an acting agent.
I'm in the book.
- John Sayles

I made it about a three-day weekend so people wouldn't
have to change their clothes a lot.
We didn't have an art department; we didn't have a make-up department.
- John Sayles

I never thought about being a writer as I grew up.
A writer wasn't something I wanted to be.
An outfielder was something to be.
Most of what I know about style I learned from Roberto Clemente.
- John Sayles

Fahrenheit 9/11 took public domain information that
should have been on the news every night and put it
in a film that a lot of people went to see.
But still Bush has never had to answer those charges.
- John Sayles

But compared to writing a novel, where you can be God,
I did the Bay of Pigs invasion in six pages once,
and there were 50,000 guys with boots that I didn't have to pay,
and all those extras; we didn't have to pay them.
- John Sayles

We just said, 'Okay, you're in the movie.
Bring what you would bring for a three-day weekend
and I hope you like the way you look in it because once you're on camera,
that's your wardrobe.' But it worked;
it worked and we were very surprised.
- John Sayles

The hardest thing about movie acting is that if you're
playing a character who changes within the movie,
you've got to do that, but you've got to do it out of sequence,
because we never have gotten to shoot in sequence,
and that's really, really tough.
- John Sayles

Not that I've always loved the movie when they finally come out,
or if they ever come out-because many of them don't
come out-but I've gotten to work with really good story
editors and stuff like that.
- John Sayles

To this day, I get rewrite offers where they say:
'We feel this script needs work with character,
dialogue, plot and tone,' and when you ask what's left,
they say: 'Well, the typing is very good.'
- John Sayles

You get to say, 'Here's my philosophical idea about
what the costume should like,'
and the costume designer comes and gives you choices
and sometimes they're all good,
and I say, 'What do you think?' and they pick the right thing.
- John Sayles

Basically, if you could get a good trailer out of the script,
Roger had no objection to you making a really good movie.
He liked it if you did.
He liked the more cleverness and ingenuity you could bring to it.
He just wasn't going to give you any more money.
- John Sayles

I remember being out here at the Sunset Marquis,
and whoever knocked on the door, I would take that
picture that I was writing and I would put that in the typewriter,
so when I had the meeting, they would say:
you're working on it right now?'
- John Sayles

There were not fifteen people in the story department
and twenty-five producers and stuff.
And Roger had produced 1,000 movies and directed a couple of hundred,
and their comments were always very,
very specific.
- John Sayles

I certainly grew up seeing more movies and television than I read books,
but when it came time to do the thing itself you don't
have to hire a lot of people to sit down and write a book,
so that was the story-telling medium that was available to me.
- John Sayles

And it was out in the theaters in two weeks.
This is not, 'We're going to develop twenty-five and
maybe one's going to get made,'
so the first three things I wrote got up on the screen and,
good, bad or indifferent, I got to see them on their feet.
- John Sayles

In a movie you have all these logistical problems;
all these practical problems.
But you're also going to have people come who can do
things that you can't do,
and you get to direct their talents.
- John Sayles

There are genres I don't care for, and I've never worked in those genres,
and then sometimes there are people that I haven't
liked and I haven't worked for those people.
But if I feel like there's a movie that I would like to go see,
I'll jump into it.
- John Sayles

I figured, 'When is that ever going to happen again?'.
So I basically set out the opposite way movies are made;
I set out with a budget first.
I said, 'What can I do well for $40,000?'.
- John Sayles

I think I got spoiled and that writing a short story
and getting it published,
or writing a novel and getting it published,
you pretty much get to do the first,
second and third draft yourself without a whole lot of interference.
- John Sayles

There was a widespread indignation in the American media.
They were saying, 'How can you make a movie during
an election that's about politics? What are you doing?
Are you trying to influence people's lives?' To which my response was,
'Well, I hope so.'
- John Sayles

I take more jobs when I need more money,
if I'm investing in films.
I take fewer when I don't.
Or if something really good comes along,
I usually find a way to do a good job on it in the time that I've got.
- John Sayles

Pull the string, and it will follow wherever you wish.
Push it, and it will go nowhere at all.
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

My experience has been that work is
almost the best way to pull oneself out of the depths.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another,
but let him work diligently and build one for himself,
thus by example assuring that his own
shall be safe from violence when built.
- Abraham Lincoln

If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.
- Tom Peters

Love your Neighbor; yet don't pull down your Hedge.
- Benjamin Franklin

Secretly, I wanted to look like Jimi Hendrix,
but I could never quite pull it off.
- Bryan Ferry

With Bound, we wanted to pull at conventions,
because you begin to wonder, Why do these stereotypes
exist? Where do they come from? You use that as the subtext.
- Larry Wachowski

When I write a screenplay, and when I direct,
I always pull lines out.
- Stanley Tucci

A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with
warm memories of times together.
Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull
out on the tough days of adulthood.
- Charlotte Davis Kasl

In the original script, my character was a basketball
player rather than a boxer.
I didn't think I could pull that off.
I'm a little short to be a basketball player!
- Eddie Murphy

You don't have a face to work with, so your voice has
to do all the work until you see the animation.
So, a lot of it I had to pull back because it was too big.
- Sean Hayes

And when we go from braking to accelerating to cornering,
the G-forces we pull are really demanding on our bodies.
We definitely have to be in top shape.
- Michael Andretti

Weave me a rope that will pull me through these impossible times.
- Tim Finn

I think, like everybody else in New Hampshire,
when I pull up to fill up my car and I pay $50,
I get upset.
And I'm wondering if these prices are legitimate.
- Judd Gregg

I'm just looking for that moment to drop my Jedi knickers
and pull out my real light saber.
- Ewan McGregor

I always pull over for people who need a push.
- Esai Morales

I totally related to Cole Porter's magnetic pull to
any piano that was in the room,
which he was famous for doing, as was Gershwin.
You couldn't drag them away from a piano.
- Kevin Kline

Always go hard and fast enough so that when you hit
the ditch you can pull out the other side.
- Johnny Paycheck

My acting career helped pull me through the rough times.
- Shirley Knight

It's a beautiful thing, diving into the cool crisp
water and then just sort of being able to pull your
body through the water and the water opening up for you.
- Dawn Fraser

I'm a Southern girl.
I like when they open the door and pull out a chair.
I'm really into a man's man.
- Brooke Burns

All politicians should have 3 hats -
one to throw into the ring,
one to talk through, and one to pull rabbits out of if elected.
- Carl Sandburg

I can pull a bone out of my shoulder and dislocate it.
- Kylie Bax

Yet as a team, we can pull together to do some incredible work.
- Randy West

Be sure you positively identify your target before you pull the trigger.
- Tom Flynn

When I do a take, I very often try things that I haven't
planned to try to see if I can pull it off.
- Geddy Lee

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